Digital PTO is Free for District & State Groups

Digital PTO is pleased to provide Free Premium Plan Plus Paypal Memberships to all County, District and State PTA Leadership groups. This free program is ongoing and will not end after a limited “trial”. We feel very strongly that Digital PTO is the strongest PTA Website tool on the market today and with so many PTAs and PTOs using our system, it only makes sense for the higher level groups to use Digital PTO as well.

We hope that by offering the Premium Tools at no charge to the district, county and state groups we can help the larger level organizations grow and communicate more effectively as well.

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Cost: Nothing

Plan: Premium Plan w Paypal
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Rules & Qualification:
Open only to County, District & State level PTA groups. Your organization must have at least 30 chapters to qualify. Digital PTO retains the right to approve sites on an individual basis. You must have a free Digital PTO website prior to application.

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By offering Digital PTO Premium Plans at no cost to districts, counties and states, we hope to allow these groups to better understand the available communication and website options that so many of their chapters are using.

We have found in our extensive testing that when an entire group of units use the same technology (like Digital PTO), the learning and exploring is much easier and the collaboration between groups and leaders is extremely effective.

What are the requirements to qualify for this Free Premium Plan Program?

You must be representing a county, district or state parent leadership group.  Your organization must oversee at least 30 chapters to qualify.

You must complete the free program application and comply with all current and future guidelines.

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It's Free. Forever. Seriously.

Supported by minimal advertising, our Free Plan is the perfect way to get your Parent Group online at no cost. 20mb of space and more.

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Online Forms, Pro Themes

Unlock Online Family Registration Forms, Volunteer Forms, Premium Level Themes, the premium Events Calendar and 500mb of space.

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Calendar & Unlimited Pages

Add our standard Events Calendar, unlock unlimited informational pages and upgrade to 50mb of storage space.

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Accept Paypal Payments.

Unlock the power of accepting payments with Paypal on your Forms. Premium Themes, Pro Calendar, 1gig of storage.

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More themes. No Ads.

Zero Outside Advertising. Add enhanced themes, events calendar, 200 mb of storage space, custom domain names and more.

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Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards directly on your website for the most professional presentation. Premium Themes, 1gig of storage and a Pro Calendar.

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